King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)

Our Services

Computer Center provides computer and information technology services to facilitate education, researches, and management. There are two service catalogs describing infrastructure services and information services.

Single Point of Contact

Computer Center provides a Service Desk as a contact point for users to request service and report problems. The Service Desk will contact, coordinate, and follow up (Single Point of Contact) with the responsible staff about the services including software, hardware, applications, and equipment circulation services such as meeting time logger.

Service Channels

Users can request Computer Center services at the following channels:

  1. 1. Telephone: Internal number 111 or 02-470-9444 connect to Service Desk
    • Operating hours:

    • ๐ Office hours: 08.30 AM - 04.30 PM

    • ๐ Outside office hours: 06.30 AM - 08.30 AM and 05.00 PM - 08.00 PM

    • ๐ Weekend and holidays: 09.00 AM - 05.00 PM
  2. 2. Email: Send an email to Service Desk will reply within two hours after the email is received.
  3. 3. Office: Classroom Building 2 (CB2) Floor 2 during office hours

Service Scope

IT services provided under the terms of use agreement by Computer Center, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi use and provide licensed software only.

The services are provided for students, lecturers, and university staff on the following campuses:

More specific scope for each service will be specified individually by service.

Service Department

Service Desk is a department under Computer Center that is responsible for receiving problem reports via internal number 111, giving instructions for service usage, forwarding problem to staff in charge and following up the result (Service request and follow up). These services can be accessed by the channels mentioned above.

Service Support (1st) is a department that provides primary information and troubleshooting which includes answering questions on the telephone, providing services in the computer room, and providing on-site services for users.

Support (2nd)Line Support) is a department in charge of the infrastructure such as the telephone system, email system, network, and applications. This department is responsible for secondary troubleshooting and answering more in-depth questions.

Service Category

Service Fulfillment Users request services such as password change, licensed software installation, tools and equipment circulation, or department data.

Incident Users encounter some problem while using services such as inability to turn on computers or software crashes. We aim to fix the problem as fast as possible so some temporary fix or work around may be used depending on the services.


The service will be processed as soon as possible except in the following cases:

Other Services

  1. 1. RFID Reader for Time Recorder Circulation Service

  2. 2. Access Control

  3. 3. KMUTT Card Issuing Service

  4. 4. Licensed Software Download Service

  5. 5. Feedback for Service Improvement

  6. 6. Computer Maintenance Service

  7. 7. Computer Help Desk Service

  8. 8. Internet Account Issuing Service

  9. 9. Internet Account Troubleshooting Service