King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)

Internet Account Issuing Service


To Issuing Internet Account for users

Service Scope

Provide Internet Account Issuing Service for staff, students, Exchange students (as requested by The Office of International Affairs and Registrar's Office)

Roles and Responsibility

Role Responsibility
Service User Submit a memorandum or request form to the Computer Center
Staff ๐ Issue ticket for responsible staff following the email from the division chief
๐ Proceed to solve the problem according to the ticket instructions accompanying the request form or memorandum
Head of Department Consider and approve the solution procedure and delegate tasks to staff by information system (in the case of a memorandum)
Director of Computer Center Consider and approve the solution procedure and delegate tasks to chiefs

Service Steps

  • 1. Submit a memorandum.

  • 2. Submit an Internet Request form which can be downloaded at "Downloads."
  • Service Level

  • 1. Staff can proceed to solve the problem immediately after receiving the ticket or within 3 days after receiving the ticket.

  • 2. Service will be delayed cause the following reasons.
    • ๐ Internet Account Creation system is down.
    • ๐ Multiple Internet Account request require more time to process.
    • ๐ The staff in charge is occupied by other duties or on vacation.

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