King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)

Access Control


To provide installation and maintenance of access control devices.

Service Scope

There are 31 access control systems installed across campus, as follows:

Location Quantity
Office of the President Building(Floor G, 1, 3, 8) 7
CarParking Building 1 Floor 1 1
Classroom Building 4, Floor 8 2
UX Building 4
Classroom Building 2, Floor 2 7
Classroom Building 2, Floor 1 1
Classroom Building 2, Floor 3 1
Classroom Building 2, Floor 5 1
SIC Building, Floor 1 1
Witsawawatthana Building (Mechanical Engineering), Floor 2 1
Witsawawatthana Building, Floor 5 1
Ratchaburi Campur Operation Building, Floor 2 1
Ratchaburi Campus Library Building 2
KX Building, Floor 6 1

Roles and Responsibility

Role Responsibility
Requester (Department) Specify the objective and installation site detail
Mr.Theerayuth Panmeeros
๐ Process the memorandum.
๐ Make an appointment with the requester and the provider company to examine the installation site.
๐ Request a price quotation from vendors and proceed with the purchase process.
๐ Oversee the installation and hand over to the department.
Head of Department ๐ Approve the memorandum.
๐ Check the purchase document detail.
Director of Computer Center Approve the purchase.

Service Steps

Service User


Service Level

  • 1. New installation, location changes, and system setup require 30 days after receiving the memorandum.
  • 2. After receiving a problem report, CC staff will contact the company for maintenance. If there are available spares or no spare is needed, start examining the problem within 24 hours and fix the problem within 2 days.
  • 3. After receiving a problem report, contact the company for maintenance. If there are no spare units available, a new spare access control unit will be purchased and the problem should be fixed within 30 days.
  • If the user requests a system configuration change, this should be completed within 1 hour - 1 day depending on the changes.

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