King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)

Dear All

  Since the Computer Center has received a service change notification of Google for Education from Google Inc., the storage would be changed from unlimited to limited (Google Workspace for Education).

  Therefore, the Computer Center should adjust the services on Google Service (including Drive, Mail, and Photo) to comply with the policies of Google Inc. The total storage per account would be limited to 10GB. For those who have used more than 10GB of storage, please complete your data transfer by 31st December 2021. In case of any failure within the specified period of time, you might encounter data loss after Google Inc. proceeds with the changes above.

  To prevent your data loss, it is recommended that all users check the storage and transfer the data by following manual instructions of the Computer Center at:

Please be informed and proceed accordingly.

Computer Center

References : Memorandum No.7607/491/2564 | Memorandum No.7607/677/2564

How to Check Google Drive Storage

1. Click as shown in the figure. Then enter username and password to log in.

2. Click and select Settings as shown in the figure.

3. The total storage will be shown.

4. For further details, please click View Storage Details.

How to Copy Data Using Google Takeout

1. Click as shown in the figure. Then enter username and password to log in.

2. By default, Google Takeout backs up all data. Please click Deselect All as shown in the figure.

3. Scroll down and tick Drive. Then click All Drive Data Included.

4. Select all folders or only certain folders to be downloaded and click OK.

5. Scroll down and click Next Step.

6. Select Export Once and select file type as Zip 2GB file size or more. After that, click Create Export.

7. This step might take some time depending on the file size to be downloaded (please do not close the window until the result in Item 8 appears).

8. Click Download to download the files from Google Drive to your computer.

9. Select the path to save the downloaded Zip files. These files need to be extracted before use.

How to transfer data from
Google to One Drive

1. Go to the website

2. Click “Work or School account.”

3. Enter the university login and password.

4. Office 365 Mover will ask for permission for the app to access the data, click “Accept” button.

5. After logging in, the system will display the steps, starting from Step 1: Select source by clicking “Authorize New Connector.”

6. Next, select Google Drive (Single User) by clicking “Authorize.”

7. Give a Display Name for connection and press “Authorize.”

8. Log in by using the email: that you are using and click Next. After logging in, press the button to allow. Now you will notice that in
Step 1: Select source, you already have files and folders from connecting with Google Drive. Next, click “Authorize New Connector”
Step 2: Select destination.

9. Select One Drive for Business (Single User) by clicking the “Authorize” button.

10. Provide a Display Name for the connection and click “Authorize.”

11. Use the email to login as shown and proceed to the next step.

12. Mover OneDrive Single User will ask for permission to access the data, click “Accept”.

13. Next step, create a new folder. (This step is optional. If you do not want to do this step, you can skip to the next step. This step is to organize the data. If you have files or folders which have the same names, they may overlap and the data might not be copied correctly.) Give the new folder a name and click ok. After that, click on the folder you just created and click “Start Copy.”
**On the other hand, if you do not want to create a new folder, you can simply click “Start Copy.”**

14. After you start copying, the system will display the results. This process works automatically.